GreenAir Finishing Plant Limited

Alloy Wheel Spray Booths

Single WheelMate


Our original alloy wheel spray booth and still the best extraction rate in the market place. Suitable for installing in a van or in the workshop. Available as a standard rectangular unit (pictured) or with a tapered back to suit the van wall and optimize van floor space.

Double WheelMate


A double width version of the original WheelMate spray booth, featuring increased extraction and lighting and two turntables. Tapered back version available, to optimize van floor space.

Double WheelMate Tapered


We also manufacture a version of the double WheelMate with tapered sides for installation across the width of the van, sometimes at the bulkhead, but more often across the wheel arches.

Double WheelMate Extended


If you are spraying larger wheels in a workshop we can manufacture a double WheelMate with extended height and depth.

Turntables and Stands


We sell alloy wheel turntables for preparation work, spraying etc.

Also available is a collapsible stand to lean the turntable against. When not in use this can be folded down and hung on a wall.

Infra-red Heaters


We can supply Infra-red heaters.

These can be mounted on a hinged bracket, allowing the unit to be swung through three quarters of a circle, by the side of the spray booth when not in use.