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B40 Bench Booth


First manufactured in 1994, the B40 celebrated it's 25th birthday in 2019. Ideal for spraying smaller components, it includes extraction fan, filters and sealed light fitting. We can also supply turntables, ducting, etc.

Open Fronted Spray Booths and Low Bake Ovens

We manufacture a range of dryback spray booths and low bake ovens.

We manufacture a range of dryback spray booths and low bake ovens for paint finishing and other applications.

Enclosed Spray Booths


Incorporating sealed lighting, fire resistant doors and incoming filtered air. Whether you are spraying small components or commercial vehicles, we may be able to help.

Bespoke Plant a speciality....


This enclosed spray booth with low bake facility was designed to fit on the first floor of a listed barn with very low beams. During the installation, everything had to fit through a personnel door....

....useful if it's a tight fit!


....the ducts passed through another door, as no wall or roof penetrations were allowed.

When the customer subsequently moved premises a couple of years later the barn was restored to it's original condition.



All types of spray booth filters for automotive and industrial applications are available at competitive prices. Most are kept in stock for next day delivery.